30th May – 3rd June, Private View Thursday 1st June 5 – 7 pm | All Welcome

To carry is to be in control
To be carried is to be controlled

To carry is to support
To be carried is to be supported

Sometimes we carry
Sometimes we are carried

Stanley Picker Gallery is pleased to be presenting a show of new work “Carrier” by local Artist David Blackmore.

Made using discarded black and blue plastic bags, the colours of bureaucracy, “Carrier” is a multimedia installation consisting of floor based sculptural works, a series of one off prints, a video work and zine.

David Blackmore is a European Artist. Initially trained through the medium and criticality of photography his practice has migrated substantially favouring a transdisciplinary approach.

David has two sides to his practice. One is studio based, working with sculpture and print. The other consists of transgressive actions performed for the image and relational exchanges. His works are gestures against authority. Gestures that exploit the gaps, spaces and boundaries that exist between the structures and systems of the Big Other. Hinged on the boundary areas between order and dissent he takes material from the familiar and disregarded aspects of civic life to explore a frustration with the way our lives are dictated to by systems of order.

Selected works can be viewed on