Untitled: At Length
Jordan McKenzie
30 Nov 2006 - 23 Dec 2006

Combining the exertion of physical endurance with the intimacy of the performed act, Jordan McKenzie’s working practice intersects the lines between performance, installation and sculpture to investigate dialogues between the processes and production of drawing.

Concerned with how the body is articulated through the medium of performed drawing, McKenzie uses mark-making as a way of mapping the body within architectural form, the drawings emerging through the process of navigating, tracing and documenting his physical movements through a given space.

Untitled: At Length brought together in one exhibition a series of video works and related sculptural objects emerging from recent performance pieces at diverse locations around the UK. Each individual work related to a specific length of his body which he used to determine the scale and scope of his actions and the resulting objects.

The formal nature of the sculptural works, the combined videos and the cacophony of soundtracks, challenged preconceptions of how drawing is employed and perceived as both a material and a physical process to describe and define our experience of architectural space and other landscapes.

Other recent exhibitions and live events by McKenzie include Spacex (Exeter); Wimbledon Centre for Drawing: Tramway (Glasgow) and Ikon (Birmingham).