Lobby: BA Psychology | Loneliness and Connectivity


Lobby: BA Psychology | Loneliness and Connectivity

1 -2 April 2022

Stanley Picker Gallery have been pleased to host Lonliness and Connectivity, a display by Kingston University BA Psychology students addressing their personal interpretation of these themes through the creation and curation of drawing, painting, film, poetry, and audio.

The Psychology students, who did not have background in art-making or installation, were advised throughout by Stanley Picker Gallery Assistants (and Kingston School of Art students and alumni). All found the process fascinating and revealing. The exhibitors were challenged to consider their audience and intentions, and how best to engage with visitors through different visual arrangements and interactive elements. Gallery Assistants and visitors commented on the beauty, suffering and joy – the ‘raw emotion’ conveyed across the works – that they felt likely benefitted from the absence of self-consciousness brought about by formal training.

Click here to read the exhibition report.

The exhibiting artists were: Petra Dobrerday, Diane Webb, Jonathan Slatter, Fatima Nori, Unknown, Maya Camey, Kasum Joshi, Kardelen Duman, Aysah Kok, Kawsar Ysef, Melissa Buck, Girija Shettar, Senje Darbar, Gaia Pengue, Sushma Sabnin, Hana Hassan, G. Shetter, Mumtar M. Sidique, Indiana Bious.

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