Lobby Project: 2019 REMET Art Prize

Lobby Project: 2019 REMET Art Prize

In collaboration with Kingston School of Art and AB Foundry

Stanley Picker Gallery Lobby 22-25 May / Event 22 May 5-7pm / All Welcome

REMET UK is proud to be working with Kingston School of Art and AB Foundry on the 2019 REMET Art Prize.

Remet are a company that provide materials to industry using the ceramic shell casting process. Remet, ‘looking for innovation more than a beautiful final object’ offered Fine Art students at Kingston University a competition to create a sculpture using the investment casting method, seeing what their creative thinking and practical skills set could do with the company’s process and materials.

Students were invited to submit an application form and a proposal/drawing for an object not more than 6 inches on its longest side. More than 50 entries were received from across the course from which 8 finalists were selected, chosen by Mark Harris, Richard Trupp and Andrea Stokes, for their eclectic mix of styles and ideas. The selected students then fabricated their objects and make wax moulds in the workshops at Kingston University, and all the objects cast in bronze at AB Fine Art Foundry in the East End.

The finished bronze objects will be shown at the Stanley Picker Gallery on 21-25 May, with a special event on Wednesday 22 May from 5-7pm in which judges from Remet will select their winner.

The 8 finalists are:
Ronan Cusack O’Brien
Paul Fox
Caitlin Jennings
Caitlin Reilly
Charlotte Wainwright
Leo Bant
William Papworth
Chloe Webster

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For more information about this project and others please contact Natalie Kay on 020 8417 4074 or email n.kay@kingston.ac.uk.