Soundweave: Artwork by St John’s C of E Primary School

The Stanley Picker Gallery is pleased to present Soundweave,  a one-day exhibition accompanied by an online presentation of artworks made by Class 4 pupils from St John’s C of E Primary School who participated a series of creative workshops as part of our Sound Matters schools programme.

Throughout Soundweave students learnt about exhibiting maker’s practices and craft processes, and following in the footsteps Weave Waves artists Scanner and Ismini Samanidou, wove individual soundwaves of their names before intertwining their voices and favourite noises to ‘dj’ and record live a group sound work in a manner akin to electronic musician Dominic Wilcox’s Sounds of Making in East London record mixed on designer Yuri Suzuki’s Prepared Turntable. Listen to the sound work (below) – how many voices can you identify?

Soundlikes of Class 4 (remix edition in three parts)

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For more information about this project and others please contact Natalie Kay on 020 8417 4074 or email n.kay@kingston.ac.uk.