Soundbites: Online Exhibition by Green Lane Primary School

Sound Matters Schools Programme

The Stanley Picker Gallery is pleased to present Soundbites,  a one-day exhibition accompanied by an online presentation of artworks made by year 5 pupils from Green Lane Primary School (Worcester Park) who participated a a series of creative workshops as part of our Sound Matters schools programme.

Pupils collaborated to compose, perform and record ‘noise only’ soundscapes inspired by self-made images, which included a robot, a car, a cat, graffiti and a selection of family photos. Listen to the soundscapes (below) – can you guess which piece is matched to which image?

Mega Metal The Electros (Harrison, Bailey, Romain, Lois & Brogan)

Lamborghini Beatz! The Beat Blasterz (Abeer, Kira, Albert, Imtiyaz & Zohaib)

Purring Ginger The Purring Gingers (Alex H, Alex N, Sam, Nicky, Dhanu & Jaden)

Unison Bbans (Bartosz, Beyza, Abiram, Naila & Sanjhna)

Get Involved

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