Becky Beasley workshop, diorama making

‘Muybridge: Maps, Myth & Me’ School pupils make artwork in response to 8th May 1904, Kingston, by Becky Beasley, March 2011.

Muybridge: Maps, Myth & Me

Responding to Becky Beasley’s 8th May 1904

Throughout Muybridge in Kingston, the Stanley Picker Gallery collaborated with Kingston Museum to give local schools the exciting opportunity to interact, explore and create new artwork across and based upon Kingston-upon-Thames. Participants were introduced to the work of Eadweard Muybridge and considered the significant impact of this practice upon modern culture, investigated his photographic panoramas, his life, both in the American West and in Kingston, and the work of acclaimed contemporary artist  Becky Beasley  whose installation   8th May 1904, Kingston was inspired by the mystery surrounding Muybridge’s death. Children collaborated to invent and make their own dioramic panoramas of Kingston which were exhibited  in celebration of their achievements.
Participants: St Andrew’s & St Mark’s Junior School, St John’s Primary School, St Matthew’s Primary School, the 1st Worcester Park & Old Malden Brownies and the Stanley Picker Gallery Art Club

“I love being creative – it’s been fun to make our own panoramas and learning that someone so famous was from Kingston!” – SPG Art Club Member (age 6)
“Our work looks really cool!” – Pupil, St John’s C of E Primary School (age 10)

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