Fired Up: Artwork by St John’s C of E Primary School

Sound Matters Schools Programme
Onsite & Online Launch Event: Gallery Lobby
Wednesday 20 November 4-7pm

 The Stanley Picker Gallery is pleased to present Fired Up,  a one-day exhibition accompanied by an online presentation of artworks made by Class 5 pupils from St John’s C of E Primary School (Kingston) who participated a a series of creative workshops as part of our Sound Matters schools programme.

Throughout Fired Up students learnt about exhibiting maker’s practices and craft processes including the ancient art of ceramics, and following in the footsteps of composer Cathy Lane, electronic musicians Scanner and Yuri Suziki, and designer and installation artist Dominic Wilcox, collaborated to compose, perform and record ‘live’ Kingston upon Thames inspired soundscapes, focusing on themes such as ‘The Market Place’, ‘The River Thames’ and ‘Eadweard Muybridge’. Listen to the soundscapes (below) – can you guess which piece is matched to which theme?

Mayhem Footstep

Epic Swans The Thames Train

Silly Sounds Raging Rivers

Sisters Mum’s still here

The Buddies Clip Cloppers

The Stairs The Quacking Lions

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