Concrete Monsters: Pop-up installation


Concrete Monsters: Pop-up installation

Discovering the textures and materialism of Brutalism

George Newton & St Luke’s Primary School, Year 5
10-13 July 2018

Concrete Monsters is a workshop encouraging children to make more and have a better understanding of materials and textures, whilst engaging with the design process. This workshop has been developed by designer George Newton, from a research project into Brutalist architecture and aimed to highlight the beauty of its raw natural form to a younger audience.

Pupils from Year 5 at St Luke’s Primary School in Kingston were introduced to a range of different materials and textures. Working in small groups, they sketched and designed their own buildings taking inspiration from a Brutalist aesthetic. Sketches were then developed into small-scale models using foam board and then cast using a mixture of plaster of paris and black paint to resemble concrete.

This workshop highlights the importance of teaching children the value of making, both at school and at home.

With thanks to: Howard Catling, Rose Dunster, Lin Felicien, Angela Ford, Natalie Kay, William Rodriquez & Amy Russell

George Newton is an MA Communication Design student at Kingston School of Art and a freelance multidisciplinary creative. His varied portfolio of work spans publications, photography, branding, product design and experiential events with a passion for collaborative projects.
George is currently developing a workshop-based project which highlights the need for primary school children to engage with the design process.

Image credits: Rose Dunster (workshops) and George Newton (studio)

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