Stanley Picker Gallery, Emma Hart Schools Workshop

Pupils from Carshalton High School for Girls interview Emma Hart



Creative Workshop with Emma Hart
20 January 2012

It was really interesting to meet Emma and to find out how performance can be art – student, Carshalton High School for Girls

The Stanley Picker Gallery were very pleased to welcome Year 13 AS Art pupils from Carshalton High School for Girls to a special workshop inspired by artist Emma Hart’s practice and preparation for Word Processor. The Performance Event  took place on Wednesday 25 January and was attended by four of the workshop group, who were first to arrive and last to leave!

Pupils were given an overview of the Gallery, before meeting the artist and taking part in a series of performance -based activities and discussions about her work. They had the opportunity to ask questions about her practice, residency project and life as an artist, and were able to ask advice about how she would tackle their AS exam question. The session was followed by a visit to the Faculty’s Fine Art and Design studios to see work by current students.

The performance was brilliant and it was so interesting to see Emma Hart’s ideas come to life – student, Carshalton High School for Girls

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