What is Now? Participation Programme Exhibition


What is Now? Participation Programme Exhibition

12-15 Nov 2014
Surbiton High School Art Scholars
Launch Event: Wed 12 Nov 5-7pm / All Welcome

The Stanley Picker Gallery is pleased to present  What is Now? an exhibition of diverse artworks made by Surbiton High School Art Scholars’ ages 12-17 who participated in a series of creative workshops inspired by the contemporary practices of past and present Stanley Picker Fellows, including acclaimed artist, writer, psychogeographer, zine-maker  Laura Oldfield Ford  – whose exciting exhibition of drawing, painting, text and photographic artworks Seroxat, Smirnoff, THC is currently installed in the main gallery.

Throughout the programme, with workshops tailored to meet the interests and requirements of individual students, participants learnt about Fellows’ practice, influences and creative processes – including research methods that do not include googling! Scholars’ shared their individual interpretations of artworks examined, ideas and personal preoccupations through free-writing, zine-making, drawing and discussion.  Each scholar was charged with pursuing an area or issue of particular interest to them and reflecting on what they had learnt, create a new piece of work. What is Now, which has been curated by the 6th form scholars showcases a selection of the outcomes and ‘zines  as  evidence of the research process.

The Gallery team have been intrigued and impressed by all, and hope that you will join us in celebrating their achievements.

This exhibition is curated by Connie Burlton, Lucy Colbert and Charlotte Hick
Exhibiting Artists: Izzy Arthur, Julia Comar, Satine Klement, Lizzie McKeon, Amber Newsom Davis, Charlotte Rich-Jones, Katy Tomiack, Saffron Fellows, India Newsom Davis, Tallulah Atkin, Ameila Tomlin, Beatrice Lovell, Lucy Coombes, Sofia Turner, Holly Lavelle, Jane Popple, Connie Burlton, Lucy Colbert, Charlotte Hicks, Stephanie Bloom, Imogen Gash, Holly Goodwin, Lucy Knollys, Ruksana and Shaukat-Jali.

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