Static poster, crop (2017)

Static poster, crop (2017)

Static: Pop-up exhibition

Featuring works by Joshua Evan, Antonis Sideras, Fei Fei, Adele Cload & Marley Treloar
Launch 10 May 5-7pm / All welcome

Stanley Picker Gallery are pleased to support Static – an exhibition of photography, print, sculpture and performance works by London-based artists Joshua Evan, Antonis Sideras, Fei Fei, Adele Cload and Marley Treloar which has been specially coordinated by Sideras, Stanley Picker Gallery Assistant and LRC Coordinator at Kingston University.

Inspired by Yemi Awosile’s current exhibition and use of the word Orishirishi, Static is an amalgam of disparate works from the 5 artists, brought together to forge the Static Collective

“Living in a post-internet era, our lives are consumed by screens, floods of information and technobabble. It seems that portions of our population have never seemed so passive, toiling away quietly behind our phones and computers. Existing in a static haze that we all need to filter to interact with other people in our lives. Static, as a collective looks at the population of 21st century cities and how we interact with each other.

Static brings together works from artists Joshua Evan, Antonis Sideras, Fei Fei, Adele Cload and Marley Treloar to form a dialogue that’s speaks to both our waking perceptions as well as our dreaming of those around us. Joshua Evan’s street photography dances on the line between the real lives of the population and the abstract movements of the city. In collaboration with Evan’s, Fei Fei draws on top of these photographs to bring attention to the world around us that we may be missing. Antonis Sideras’ performance based works capture the passivity of youth in our culture, as well as bringing together temporary arrangements exploring the relationship between intimate moments and mindfulness. Playing with the ideas of seeing and understanding Adele Cload’s textiles based work looks at how things may not be as they first appear as well as touching on mental health in todays youth. Marley Treloar’s work centres around how our interactions with each other have become more and more strained in person than behind screens; how uncomfortable moments are fuelled by modern anxieties and the threat of the “real world”.

Our lives seem to be caught in a limbo, greedy for this new world of information at our finger tips but stunned at what we find. In a world where politics and war is mixed with new albums from pop stars and celebrity scandal, how do we filter through everything to talk to each other about the world around us and the issues we face as a generation?”

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