Jack Churchyard Leonard Dalton hand-sculpted clay head (2015)

Jack Churchyard Leonard Dalton hand-sculpted clay head (2015)

Shop Talk / Exhibition by Welmede Collective

19-25 November 2015
Inspired by Dora
Celebration Event Wed 25 Nov 4-7pm / All Welcome

Artists: Jack Churchyard, Katherine Moreland, Katy Lines, Michael Chambers & Molly Haughton, with special contributions from Andrew Stride, Chin Up & Lucy McAdam Freud

Stanley Picker Gallery is pleased to support  Shop Talk – an exhibition of text, drawing, collage, ceramics and installation made by five emerging talents from  across the borough and beyond, participating in association with Welmede – a person-centred housing and support organisation, passionate about supporting people with disabilities to pursue their chosen lifestyle.

The artists exhibiting in The Lobby at Stanley Picker Gallery enlisted in a programme of gallery-based workshop programme ‘Your Time’ Welmede’s social and leisure activity service, facilitated by artist  Andrew Stride who has previously worked on a one-to-one and group basis with each of the artists on a variety of activities.

During the programme, with workshops tailored to meet the interests and requirements of individuals, the up and coming artists  have been learning about contemporary and traditional art and design practice and creative processes, while sharing their personal interpretations, ideas and preoccupations through free-writing, drawing, collage, sculpture and discussion.   They explored Stanley Picker Gallery’s current exhibition Dora – named for artist and designer Dora Gordine (1895-1991) – where five contemporary female practitioners selected their favourite pieces from the remarkable Dorich House Museum collection to exhibit along examples of their own practice. The Welmede Collective were particularly taken by Cullinan Richards Abstract Support Structure: The Love Letter (DORA) (2015) enjoying the combination of bronze busts, food stuffs, patterned materials and shop-style inspired installation.

In addition to visiting Dora, the group embarked on a guided visit of the Kingston University Faculty of Art, Design & Architecture  3D workshops where professional practitioners experiment alongside students. Here we were lucky enough to meet a design technician and observe examples of 3D printing, and ceramicist Elaine Wilson who shared examples her artworks, demonstrated ceramic processes and suggested alternative collage making methods – all of which we were keen to try!

As the group worked, ‘shop talk’ dominated and the realisation of individual and collective artworks under the theme of ‘Welmede Convenience Store’- its aesthetic, stock and customers. A colourful back-story emerged, the outcomes of which the group collaborated to showcase here, alongside a slideshow of images captured during workshop sessions is exhibited alongside the shop installation.

The Gallery team have been intrigued and impressed by all, and hope that you will enjoy a browse of this unique installation and celebrating their achievements.

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