Doorbell Workshop by Yuri Suzuki

Doorbell Workshop by Yuri Suzuki

Curated with Disegno

Wednesday 11 April 11am-1pm

at Stanley Picker Gallery

Free, booking essential


Using the seemingly trite sound of a door bell as its starting point, this workshop led by Yuri Suzuki aims at analyzing and suggesting alternatives to the generic soundscapes of everyday life that we often take for granted. What effect would a whispering or moaning doorbell have? How would we interpret bird songs or the sound of barking dogs – as visitor or host? What happens if the first impression is disturbed by an unexpected sound? Can the sound of a doorbell have an effect on the very notion of hospitality? All participants will have the possibility to produce a door bell of their own during this workshop. Material for a doorbell development kit, such as acrylic block, solenoids, various actuators and switches, will be supplied.

Preparation: please bring your favourite sound to the workshop. It could be anything such as glasses, toy musical instruments, and so on. We will use it in the workshop to build your customised doorbell.

Yuri Suzuki’s workshop is part of a wider series of performances and talks curated by Suzuki and the quarterly design journal Disegno to celebrate Suzuki’s Furniture Music exhibition at Stanley Picker Gallery.