Stanley Picker Gallery, Crafty Cuts Workshop, 23 Jan 2012

Lucas Pflicke shows off his crafty hat design


Crafty Cuts!

An after-school workshop for families
Monday 23 January 2012, 4-5.30pm

My children were really involved and also curious about Steve, Giles and their art of hat-making!’– Parent of participating children

The Stanley Picker Gallery were very pleased to welcome eccentric and fun-loving artists Giles Bunch and Steve Nice for delivery of ‘Crafty Cuts’, a performance and making workshop set in a fictional barbershop where crazy hats are all the rage!

Bunch and Nice, a former Kingston University Fine Art student, performed for an excitable audience of local children and their parents, before instructing  everyone in the art of making an elaborate, yet wearable head piece. The workshop ended with a catwalk show before an admiring public.

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