Stanley Picker Gallery Evening Salon


Stanley Picker Gallery Evening Salon

Described as “experiments elaborated intensive collaborative studio workshop props words object text image performance imagine the edit. We are sequence we are movement we are cut up we are reel,” Stanley Picker Gallery will host a video presentation by Kingston’s Fine Art PhD research group We Are Publication with contributions from Jonathan Allen, Anat Ben-David, Rachel Cattle, Jenna Collins, Lucy Coogle, Volker Eichelmann, Dean Kenning, Stine Ljungdalh, Katy Macleod, David Panos, Cullinan Richards, Andrea Stokes, Charlie Tweed, Roman Vasseur, Esther Windsor.

Since the start of 2014 the Fine Art PhD research group have been engaged in novel ways of addressing the presentation of Fine Art research We Are Publication reflects and furthers some of the key research interests of students and staff, “the notion of the event, a projected conflation of sites of production, reception and dissemination, employing strategies of guile and cunning in the making of art and the performance of research” and the video screening another way to further contemplate the ways in which research is presented and articulates itself in and through practice.

Stanley Picker Gallery launched our Evening Salons in October, held in the Gallery Lobby social space on the last Wednesday of the month. The first salon was called How Ideas Begin, Source Material. Thanks to all that came along and got involved, in particular, Laura Oldfield Ford who talked about some of the themes from her current exhibition, Seroxat, Smirnoff, THC and our 2014 Stanley Picker Fellows, artist Oreet Ashery and designer Onkar Kular.

The aim of the Evening Salon programme is to create a regular evening event that’s a space for students and staff to participate in varied, lively discussions and debate around art, design and culture.

We welcome suggestions from students and staff on the content of future Evening Salons and are currently accepting proposals for self-initiated Wednesday events.