MA/MFA Final Show: Water Is Wet

MA/MFA Final Show: Water Is Wet

12–16 September 2017 / Exhibition Launch: Tue 12 Sept, 5-7pm

19 artists from 10 different countries stage sculptures, paintings, prints and video installations in an exhibition whose mash up takes from Lawrence Weiner’s 1998 wall piece ‘Water made it wet’ and David Foster Wallace’s 2005 ‘This is water’ commencement speech at Kenyon College in Ohio.

WATER IS WET is curated by Esther Windsor and features works by Anna Ill, Boreum Oh, Dicle Özlüses, Eleni Gkinosati, Fanding Sun, Hee Joung Shin, Honglin Liu, Jaehyung Park, Junnan Lusha, Messua Poulin Wolff, Nicola Guastamacchia, Noor Habbab, Ohau Chen, Qian Cai, Sierra van Leeuwen, Steph Huang, Sukhyung Kang, Vandana, Yanzhun He.


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