Jerwood Makers Open: Selectors Edward Barber, David Falkner & Bonnie Kemske

Maisie Broadhead 2012

Jerwood Makers Open: Selectors Edward Barber, David Falkner & Bonnie Kemske

Maisie Broadhead, Linda Brothwell, Adam Buick, Nahoko Kojima & Roanna Wells

Launch of Jerwood Makers Open 2013:

Jerwood Visual Arts launches the Jerwood Makes Open 2013, an exhibition of new work by five designer-makers, selected from over 200 applications by an invited panel comprising internationally acclaimed designer Edward Barber, Director of Stanley Picker Gallery David Falkner, and artist and editor Bonnie Kemske. The five newly completed commissions will be presented for the first time in an exhibition at Jerwood Space, London from 10 July 2013, before touring the UK.

Conceptual maker Maisie Broadhead, jeweller Linda Brothwell, ceramicist Adam Buick, paper artist Nahoko Kojima and textile artist Roanna Wells were each awarded a commission of 7,500, affording them a unique opportunity to develop new ideas central to their individual practice. With their working processes spanning embroidery and paper cutting to photography and film installation, the selected artists each employ high quality craftsmanship to explore and challenge traditional thinking in applied arts.

Shonagh Manson, Director of the Jerwood Charitable Foundation commented: It was a privilege to observe the rigor and quality of ideas present within proposals to Jerwood Makers Open 2013. What unites these five commissions is an equal weight and consideration given by each artist to both their conceptual enquiry and to the skill of execution required to work at this level with specific materials and form.

The exhibition at Jerwood Space runs 10 July-25 August 2013.

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