Beatrice Carey. Courtesy of the artist

Black is the Same Black: A Seat at the Table

21 February – 25 February 2017 at Stanley Picker Gallery

Exhibiting artists: Omar Aly, Beatrice Carey, Simmone Campbell, Jamal Dolor, Min Kim, Francesco Rocchi, Sarah Shillingford and Vandana.

Special event: 22 Feb 6-8pm
Black and LGBT Identities in Art.
Discussion lead by guest artist Jacob B. Joyce and Kingston University student Beatrice Carey, Kingston University’s Arts, Design & Architecture Sabbatical Officer.

To coincide with Black History Month 2.0 at Kingston University London, the Union of Kingston Students host a week-long display within Stanley Picker Gallery, titled Black is the Same Black. The presentation features a selection of work from artists studying a wide range of subjects, including Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Studies as well as Photography and Fine Art.

Black is the Same Black is aimed at challenging viewers and participants in the art world to edit perceptions of black bodies in a museum setting while questioning the lack of knowledge and representation of black and LGBT identities in the peculiar institutions we regard as containers for contemporary art. Through the themes of black as a subject and artist, visual artists created work exploring themes of ethnicity, sexuality, culture, and identity.

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