Joshua Bareham
MA Fine Art & BA Photography Degree Shows 2013
BA & MA Shows
June / September 2013

MA Fine Art: #23 MichaelJordan

Only a title so erroneous and nonsensical could serve to unite a new generation of international artists.

Drawing on the intensive research, dialogues and interactions that have characterised their MA studies, 38 graduate students will present their work in three locations across Kingston University’s Knight’s Park Campus. Working across a range of media including painting, sculpture, drawing, performance, photography, and experimental film and video, these artists have emerged at a historical moment in which notions of the image and the object have been transformed by a new digital reality, and in which art and its contexts demand new energy and thought.

Exhibiting artists: Ox Art [Annabel Pettigrew, Robert MacPherson], Jason Andrescavage, Barry Amey, Abeer Bajandouh, Sera Bal, Yi-Chao Chen, Jamie Crawford, Eleonora Divizia, Gazmend Ejupi, Sarahjane England, Ekatarina Granova, Begoña García-Alén,Yu-Chu Hsu, Kiril Kovachev, UJ Lee, Wenzhe Li, Rujarak Luekiatanun, Stephanie Luker, Jingxi Luo, Caroline Marceron, Mariana Melo, Margarita Mena Macedo, Ali Mousavi, Jushima Mardushaj, Sevan Nigogosian, Shirine Osseiran, Georgia Patsouraki, Anne Petersen, Fern Reay, Geraldine Swayne, Setareh Mojtahed Soleimani, Cybil Scott, Goeun Song, Lang Tu, Jirawut Ueasungkomsate, Haoxiang Zhao, Yujie Zhang.

The exhibition will be displayed at the Stanley Picker Gallery (18-22 Sept), and across Knights Park Campus reception and the neighbouring Centre for Useless Splendour (18-29 Sept).

Opening Times:
18-21 Sept 11am-5pm @The Stanley Picker, Foyer Space, and Centre for Useless Splendour
(Closed 22 & 23 Sept)
24-29 Sept 11am-5pm @ Foyer Space and Centre for Useless Splendour
Late nights: Sept 26 & 27 11am-8pm

#23 MichaelJordan is accompanied by two publications, one of which functions as a ‘print portfolio’ containing works by the exhibiting artists, and the other a website

BA Photography: 15-21 June 2013

As part of this year’s final year Degree Show at the Faculty of Art, Design & Architecture, Kingston University, the BA Photography course degree show exhibition will be shared between the Stanley Picker Gallery and the Fine Art School project spaces  in the former public house The Swan next door. The Photography exhibition showcases work by twenty seven third year students, and comprises work in a range of media which demonstrates an impressive diversity of practice, style and interests, and more importantly a true confidence in its execution.

“It seems too obvious to talk about the rapid changes occurring in the way that we make and consume images in the 21st century. That, and the anxiety that has always existed (from the moment of photography’s invention) about how much imagery there is. Yet for this generation of artists who stand at a point in time where the pleasures and exactitudes of analogue photography can co-exist with the speed and plenitude of the digital world there is an ease of adaptation that is immediately hopeful, reassuring and enlivening. These are difficult and challenging times but with that comes a certain determination to embrace those notions head-on and thereby create something new and exciting.”
BA Photography 2013 catalogue introduction by Bridget Smith, Final Year Leader.

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