Anat Ben-David
Gallery Previews 20 & 21 January 2017 / V&A Reveal Festival 5 July 2017

“Those were the days, when we were all at sea. It seems like yesterday to me. Species, sex, race, class;
in those days none of this meant anything at all.
No parents, no children, just ourselves, strings of inseparable sisters warm and wet, indistinguishable one from the other, gloriously indiscriminate, promiscuous and fused.
No generations, no future, no past.”
Sadie Plant Preamble from Zeroes + Ones (4th Estate London, 1997)

The Ancient Greeks had two distinct concepts relating to notions of time. Whilst Chronos referred to chronological time, Kairos signified a ‘time-lapse’; an indeterminate time in which everything happens at once, in the present moment. The human instinct of marking the present with an improvised act of creativity is the supreme moment of the ‘now’, manifest through the urgent, demonstrative act of self-expression; the gesture, the strike, the cut, the mark, the holler.

Inspired by Sadie Plant’s seminal book Zeros + Ones (1997), Kairos by Anat Ben-David is a theatrical song-cycle bringing together performers and musicians from the worlds of opera, electronic and experimental composition, in a futuristic staging created with avant-garde fashion studio Boudicca. Following the poetic schema of Zeros + Ones through a cycle of nine songs, Kairos makes reference to technological developments, post-humanist writings and cybernetic theories.

Over recent years, artist-musician Anat Ben-David has evolved a hybrid working practice she calls OpeRaaRt, developing ‘sonic images’ shaped through dynamic combinations of sound, word and movement.  Her live performance and solo album MeleCh was launched at Stanley Picker Gallery in 2014.

Kairos is specially commissioned to celebrate 20 years of the Stanley Picker Gallery. The project was devised through a series of collaborative workshops, and previewed at Stanley Picker Gallery in January 2017. Click here to view a trailer of the Stanley Picker Gallery previews, and read a review in The Wire (April 2017).

Kairos receives its first major public presentation on Wed 5 July 2017 as part of the Reveal Festival at the Victoria and Albert Museum, with individual song recitals on the hour from 10am-5pm and a full performance at 6.30pm (90 mins). Free Booking for the full performance available via V&A Museum website.


Kairos:                   Duration 90 mins

Act I                        Preamble / I Say That That / Ordinary Song

Act II                       Icaros / Better Scenery / Methusalach

Act III                      Anna Freud / Time Improvisation / Herself


Written & Directed by Anat Ben-David

Art Direction & Costume by Boudicca

Musical Arrangment by Anat Ben-David & Tom Milsom

Methusalach – Music by Tom Milsom & Anat Ben-David
Better Scenery – Words by Sean Ashton
Preamble – Words based on a text from Zeros + Ones (1997) by Sadie Plant

Moving Image by Anat Ben-David

Stills Photography by Jet

Profound respect and thanks to Sadie Plant for inspiration


Voice – Anat Ben-David, Bishi, Anna Dennis, Sharon Gal, Katie Morel-Orchard, Richard Scott
Piano and Keyboard – Tom Milsom
Electronics – Ivan Lapse
Violin – Angharad Davies
Trombone – Hilary Jeffery
Percussion – Serge Vuille

Additional Performers V&A Reveal Festival:

Voice – Wiliam Purefoy
Trombone – Owen Dawson
Trumpet – Daniel Walton
Cello – Ute Kanngiesser

Production & Crew:

Production Manager – Adi Nachman
Lighting Design – Azusa Ono
Sound Mixer – Joel Cahen
Projection Operator – Rob MacPherson
Hair & Makeup – Kennaland
Costume Assistant – Alex Watts

Many thanks to Kennaland for hair styling and Cafe Oto Project Space for rehearsal space.


Anat Ben-David is an artist, musician, performer and collaborative member of the artist-band Chicks On Speed. Completing her PhD in Fine Art at Kingston University in 2014, her creative interests lie in the relationships between text, sound and digital image, mediated through improvisation and performance. Ben-David’s shows and collaborations have been presented internationally at Tate Britain, London; ICA, London; Stanley Picker Gallery, London; MoMA, New York; Migros Museum, Zurich; Borealis Festival, Bergen; Beursschouwburg, Brussels; MoMAK, Kyoto; Montermeso, Vitoria; Mosak, and ZKM, Karlsruhe. Click here for information about Ben-David’s 2014 audio-visual installation MeleCh at Stanley Picker Gallery.

Boudicca is an avant-garde studio founded in 1997 by Zowie Broach and Brian Kirkby, whose innovative work eloquently yet disobediently explores the creative territories between and beyond the worlds of art and design. Presenting collections in London and New York, they became the first independent British fashion house to be invited to the prestigious Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture in 2007.  In 2012 they exhibited in Fashioning the Object at the Art Institute of Chicago, collaborated with filmmaker Mike Figgis at the Royal Opera House and were awarded a Stanley Picker Fellowship at Kingston University London. Broach is Head of Fashion at the Royal College of Art. Click here to find out more.