Art Club: The days of our lives / Lobby Display Half Term 2016
Epsom Primary & King Athelstan Primary
31 May - 11 June 2016

These are not the moments that others may remember us for, but they are the moments that have made us who we are. Art Club member, May 2016

Children from Epsom Primary and King Athelstan Primary Art Clubs are currently participating in a programme of activity inspired by Revisiting Genesis, a new artist web series by Stanley Picker Fellow Oreet Ashery.

Like the characters on screen, the young artists have been reflecting upon the instances in their lives that have contributed to their character. One activity has involved sharing, in turn, recollections of the most significant days of our lives with partners, describing both sensory and emotional detail. While doing so our partner sketched. Upon completion each pair described to the group both their partner’s experience and their own significant moment. This was a very revealing experience for the young artists. As describers they were forced to consider what made them outside of physical characteristics, and as listeners, learnt a lot about each other – among whom are those they consider to be their closest friends – that we may never had before.

A selection of these artworks accompanied by text are currently showcased online (see the links below) and will be sited in the reception at Stanley Picker Gallery through half term May 2016 until Saturday 11 June, which corresponds to the Kingston University Faculty of Art, Design & Architecture Undergraduate Degree Show. All are encouraged to take a browse through these tales and depictions of the remarkable everyday.

Online Showcase: Follow these links to view slideshows of The moments that have made us by artists from King Athelstan and Epsom Primary.

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Image credits: Samuel (drawing by Kamran) My first computer (2016), and Jessica (drawing by Kayla) A picnic and a fall (2016)