Laura Oldfield Ford: Pray for Love
Stanley Picker Fellowship Commission

Pray for Love is an autobiographical audio travelogue in which Stanley Picker Fellow Laura Oldfield Ford delivers an elegiac personal and socio-political commentary on what she sees around her as she wanders through London and beyond into the suburbs. For her, a reversal has taken place; the suburb is the new inner city. In 2011 it was the suburbs that saw the most dramatic displays of collective violence. In Croydon, Edmonton, Catford and Streatham the barriers broke down and suddenly the suburbs became porous.

Pray for Love featured in Laura Oldfield Ford’s solo exhibition Seroxat, Smirnoff, THC at the Stanley Picker Gallery (Autumn 2014). Oldfield Ford spent the previous year walking through the suburban edges of South West London as part of her Stanley Picker Fellowship research. Her work is concerned with issues surrounding contested space, landscape, architecture and memory, reworking the ‘drift’ as a subjective process of mapping territory along the lines of social antagonism.

Click the image above to listen to the work and here for more information on the exhibition.