The Gate FW17 Fashion Show / Saturday 11 March, 2pm
Hosted by ECOCORE

Stanley Picker Gallery is thrilled to present The Gate Collective Fall Winter 2017 fashion line, hosted by ECOCORE Magazine.

Staged within the Gallery’s current group exhibition, The Gate fashion show will launch the latest collection of clothing produced by members of The Gate.

The Gate Arts Project is a collective of artists working from an arts centre for adults with learning disabilities in Shepherd’s Bush, West London. Over the years they have produced a number of gigs, plays, books of poetry as well as contributing to academic texts. Their activities span from weekly comedy series on Youtube to music and exhibitions. They have worked with the ICA and V&A, and host a weekly radio show on Resonance FM titled The Gate Kicks.

ECOCORE is an irregularly published and independent ecology magazine exploring the camouflaged souls of ecology and culture. Published by Alessandro Bava since 2011, its latest release is ECOCORE 5: The Issue of Narcissism, which exploits Narcissus as the symbol of the modern subject. What are we as subjects and why is this question so often explored as a discourse of the body? What is our ‘nature’, and how do we get to it? How do we commune with the external as if it weren’t hostile? How do we cultivate an environment we want to participate in? Our psychic/social ecology meets with the environmental in haemorrhage of inner to outer.