Matthew Tickle
Stanley Picker Fellow

“Matthew Tickle created a chiasmus, an asymmetrical crossing of the two kinds of installation. He has done so by incorporating into the haptic installation the anticipation that it will have been photographed. That is, the experience of the here-and-now is always already undone in that very experience, already a represented and disseminated ‘there and then.”

Michael Newman
Installation and Photography: Matthew Tickle’s Idyll Matt’s Gallery, London 2001

selected exhibitions:
2006 Punctum & Nebula Hull Art Lab, Hull
2004 Nothing Will Come Of Nothing St Mary-Le-Quay, Ipswich Commissioned by The Wolsey Art Gallery; What The Eye Can’t See The Heart Can’t Grieve For Public Artwork at Queen Mary
1999 Idyll Matt’s Gallery London
1995 Scrutiny Matt’s Gallery London

Above image: Cat Nebula (medium r-type print) 2006 Stanley Picker Gallery Collection