Matt White Fellowship
Matt White
Stanley Picker Fellow

Matt White is a Bristol based artist working predominantly with the medium of video. He has lived and worked in Bristol since 2000.

His current practice revolves around the recording of performed actions or premeditated events and their subsequent transformation into video artworks. Whether this information is captured by chance or by deliberate instigation, the methodology that follows is similar. Action is recorded and then deconstructed through a lengthy research process of visual, conceptual and technological filtering. Broadly speaking, the finished pieces are concerned with questioning emotive dualities within the human condition: truth/fiction, pleasure/pain, empirical/meta-physical, public/private, conscious/subconscious.

For each project, the process of research is as important as the finished pieces and when starting a new project, he never knows what the resulting artwork will be. His whole process is concerned with an attempt to understand what place an initial experience has within his perception and consequently what it might mean when placed in the public arena. His practice is very much a dialogue between the evidence of the experience, his own artistic sensibilities, the technology used, the perceptual conventions of film and video and finally the experience of the viewer.

Over the past ten years he has worked as a part time visiting lecturer for Fine Art, Film and Video, Photography, and Public Art and Design degree courses and has exhibited and screened in the UK and abroad.

selected exhibitions
2005 Locale Unit 2 Gallery, London
2004 GSTAADFILM Bellevue Hotel, Gstaad, Switzerland
2003 After Life Chapter Arts, Cardiff; 2002 Spectereal: media in your mind University Gallery, Colchester
2000 Circus Maximus Utrecht, Holland.

Above image: Film Still Stanley Picker Gallery Collection