The Days Fall Asleep with Riddles (mixed media) 2007 Stanley Picker Collection
Brian McCann
Stanley Picker Fellow

4-15 November 2014 Brian McCann exhibition in the Platform Gallery, Knights Park Campus, Kingston University and Stanley Picker Gallery Project Studio. Recognition, the artist’s bronze sculpture commissioned for the launch of the Gallery in 1997 stands in the grounds.

There are more invisibilities to be attained: In my sculpture and drawing practice there is recognition of the hidden.

Sculpture and drawing have in some ways a lot to do with the hidden: Something, which is visible and yet hidden at the same time. There are more invisibilities to be attained is the title of a poem by Phillip Lamantia [an American surrealist poet whose work I have long admired] that seems to suggest that we can allow matter [the visible] to reveal the invisible – to put eyes and tongues into every dumb and inanimate object.

I am continually looking for an essence in my sculpture and drawing practice. I search to find the source, to look back to the birth of that which signifies and to restore to ‘matter’ its true life (to inflict a freedom on the material). Often I deliberately take something that I feel I understand something, which is to some extent commonplace and break it up, magnify or reduce it. It is a desire to present this recognisable thing in another way, to peel away the layers of the visible world to expose the hidden, to put my hands on the primal matter.’

Brian McCann (1953-2014)
Member of Royal British Society of Sculptors

selected exhibitions
2006 Tom Bendhem:Collector Contemporary Art Society UK Tour
2003 Becoming Visible one person exhibition, Pilgrim Gallery, London
2002 Dusting the Giant one person exhibition, Palazzo Crispi, Naples
1997 Recognition Stanley Picker Gallery, London, for the Arts Sculpture Commission (10ft bronze fingerprint) to commemorate the opening of the gallery
1991 Recognition: Drawings from a series one person exhibition, Tate Liverpool

Above image: The Days Fall Asleep with Riddles (mixed media) 2007 Stanley Picker Gallery Collection