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These are the moments that make us: Epsom Art Club

Exhibition & Publication: Mudding 18 – 21 May 2016

Exhibition & Publication: Mudding 18 – 21 May 2016

Artwork by Grant Bingham, James Hopkins & Tori Carr, Dani Smith, Ian Williamson and publication by Hugo Douglas-Deane

Stanley Picker Gallery is pleased to support Mudding – an installation of screen-inspired works by London based artists and students from Kingston University’s Faculty of Art, Design & Architecture, which has been specially curated by Stanley Picker Gallery Assistants Grant Bingham and Dani Smith, along with writer Hugo Douglas-Deane, to complement Oreet Ashery’s Revisiting Genesis, currently installed in the main space.

Mudding is a show in response to the idea of standby, sleep, programming as magic spells, Multi-User Dungeons, data bodies, digital afterlives, avatars, demons, Warcraft and…human mastery over the increasingly dense techno-social world. As Hugo Douglas-Deane questions:

Are we nomads and if we are, can computers follow us? Is it possible for a computer to change and learn environments as well as we do? Where, if anywhere, is the line drawn between ‘human’ and ‘virtual’ reality? We change, and computers do too, but only because they have been programmed to by us. At what point do we lose agency, at what point does the machine gain its own initiative, the point at which the waters are forever muddied. This point causes problems for the until-now established definition and divide between human and computer — what was once a machine on standby has now become a sleeping device, a friend, a lover. It no longer inhabits the computational realm of binary distinction, but rather takes on a human guise, undergoing a process of pluralisation — into an between state, an area that is neither ‘on’ or ‘off’, neither 0 or 1.

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Cover image credit: Grant Bingham Muddling (2016)

Pop-up Exhibition: Paper Boats Friday 22 April 1 – 5pm

Pop-up Exhibition: Paper Boats Friday 22 April 1 – 5pm

“Creating new circuits in art means creating them in the brain too” – Gilles Deleuze

Stanley Picker Gallery are pleased to support Paper Boats an exhibition of photography and paper-based sculpture inspired by themes of migration and the ephemeral.

Paper Boats has been curated by 3rd year BA Psychology students from Kingston University’s Faculty of Art and Social Sciences as part of their module Psychology of Art and Film led by Dr Fatima Maria Felisberti, with exhibited artworks selected by the curators following an open submission promoted through University networks. All at Stanley Picker Gallery are very excited as this is to be the first display in our newly formed exhibition space beneath the Gallery mezzanine.

Project curators “hope to raise both awareness and funds in support of migrants within the UK”, and some works will be for sale with proceeds going to Refugee Action Kingston – a local charity who provide advice and support for refugees and asylum seekers in the Kingston area.

Of the displayed pieces, three have been chosen to receive ‘special prizes’. To find out who triumphs – and to see the work and to hear the artists talk about ideas in person, please join us at Stanley Picker Gallery 1-5pm, with a public ‘crit’ at 3pm and free refreshments accompanied by a release of paper boats from 4pm.

For more information please email Jawaria Farooq or visit the team’s project page on facebook.

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Epsom Hunting Society Archive at Kingston History Centre: Thursday 17 March 2016

EPS_Sam finding_edit
Epsom Hunting Society Archive at Kingston History Centre: Thursday 17 March 2016

Throughout Autumn/Winter Term 2015 to present, Stanley Picker Gallery have been collaborating with Epsom Primary to deliver a weekly Art Club for children from mixed classes across year’s 3, 4 and 5.

Art Clubbers: Aaron, Gracie, Joseph, Kamran, Ringo, Samuel, Thayna and Thomas.

During the programme, with workshops tailored to meet the interests and requirements of individual groups, the young artists named above have been learning about historical and contemporary artists’ and designers’ practice, influences and creative processes, while sharing their personal interpretations, ideas and preoccupations through free-writing, drawing, collage, hand on making and animated discussion. These experiences are being recorded for individuals Explore level Arts Award, a new branch of the arts-based qualification accredited by Trinity College London.

Club members made a special visit to the artist studios, library and workshops at Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture at Kingston University, where many of the Gallery’s Fellows experiment and make their work, alongside students. This was very exciting and to top it off we were able to handle recently 3D printed objects! We were also very lucky as we encountered many artist and designers in the process of making work – including past Stanley Picker Fellow Richard Trupp whose site-specific bronze works sit outside the Stanley Picker Gallery. Art clubbers seized the opportunity to share their ideas and ask lots of questions!

Club members then visited Stanley Picker Gallery where they explored current exhibition, Charlotte Bergson: The Hunters of the Invisible – a unique display alchemical research and mixed media contemporary practice and a publication, all staged within the ‘Zone’ a parallel meta-fictional world, conjoured by curator and artist, Neilsen. Particular highlights for the group included archival presentation, large-scale photographic works and ‘intriguing’ hidden messages and codes.

Inspired, Art Club – under the guise of Epsom Hunting Society (EHS) – have been delving conceptually into the realm of artistic, historical and scientific research, staged within a world parallel to our own for which they have collaboratively conjured alternate and fantastical narratives that connect and explain their society member’s findings. These findings – artefacts and documentation relating to various mysteries of the physical universe – will be exhibited as part of a special archival display, curated by Art Club, at Kingston History Centre on March 17 2016, 4-7pm. All are invited to seize the opportunity for a rare glance into this secretive society’s research.

EHS Society Members: Diego, Thayna, Jacob (aka Spooky Jacob), Pippi, Detective Lollypop, Jamzil, Sir Benjamin Morack Icarvinra.
EHS term of membership spans a remarkable 3334 years dating from Pippi, an active member exploring the antipodean jungle while London burned in 1666, time-weaving law enforcers of the late 1700’s Jacob and Detective Lollypop, to present day explorer Diego and ‘future recruit’ Jamzil (5000AD), along with German scientist, Sir Benjamin Morack Icarvinra who from his base in 1960’s Russia, utilises green quantum core processor to traverse multiple-dimensions, place bets (to keep EHS afloat) and along with his collegues, alien-origin technology to locate and translate ancient texts and secret messages.

Epsom Primary is a two-form entry community school that aims to foster a protective and inclusive environment for everyone to learn, develop and create ambition and ‘to equip children with the social skills and academic ability they need to be able to make choices in their future lives.’ All at Stanley Picker Gallery feel that they are doing a sterling job! The artists who are exhibiting in The Lobby at Stanley Picker Gallery are all members of Art Club, which is supported by Year 2 teacher, SENco specialist and Kingston University graduate, Lauren Demeza. It is the ambition of all to continue Art Club and Arts Awards through the academic year 2016, with current members setting the example of free-thinking and open minded exploration to any new additions to the group!

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Image credit: Epsom Hunting Society archive (sketch) (1965)

Stanley Picker Gallery: New Wednesday Evening Salons

Open Reel Salon
Stanley Picker Gallery: New Wednesday Evening Salons

Open_Reel is a new series of Wednesday evening Salons taking place at the Stanley Picker Gallery, designed to bring together people interested in emerging technologies and their contemporary critique.

The Salons are planned to draw together students and staff from across the university, as well as general visitors to the casual environment of the Gallery to meet, learn and discuss.

On 27 January the first of four Salons will introduce the series with the intention of cross-pollinating members of the Faculty of Art, Design & Architecture with those in Science, Engineering and Computing, whilst building an audience for the on-going programme. The second event on 24 February featuring a talk by an emerging artist who plays a key role in the critique of new technologies and the role art has to play in this.

The Salons are being organised by Joe Snchez, the new Stanley Picker Gallery Digital Projects Assistant, who is assisting with developing the Gallerys digital presence and introducing a programme of exciting new ‘digital’ activity at the venue. He is one of forty recipients of the Weston Jerwood Creative Bursaries Programme, aimed specifically at recent graduates who would not otherwise be in a position to develop their skills and CV through unpaid internships or work experience.

Future Salon Dates:
24 February 5-7pm
27 April 5-7pm
25 May 5-7pm