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The Big Draw 2011

Big Draw 2011
The Big Draw 2011

In October 2011 the Stanley Picker Gallery took part in the nationwide project, The Big Draw. Our one-day event, These Hands Are for Drawing, welcomed people of all ages who together made drawings and designed their very own exhibition space, inspired by Martin Westwood’s sculptural exhibition These Hands Are Models.

Click here for more information about the nationwide Big Draw 2011.

Above image: Stanley Picker Gallery Big Draw 2011

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Make/Break the Mould

Stanley Picker Gallery Schools Exhibition inspired by Martin Westwood, 2011
Stanley Picker Gallery Participation Project
Make Break the Mould

Make Break the Mould was a series of creative workshops inspired by the practice of acclaimed contemporary artist Martin Westwood, whose sculptural exhibition These Hands are Models was installed at the Gallery from 6 October – 26 November 2011.

Three schools – King Athelstan Primary School, Shrewsbury House Preparatory School and Southborough High School, along with young people from the Anstee Bridge Programme and local children from the Stanley Picker Gallery Art Club enrolled as partners on the programme.

Throughout Make Break the Mould participants explored Westwood’s exhibition and responded by making their own collages, drawings and sculptures out of clay. They interviewed Westwood and visited his studio and ceramic workshop, questioned professional sculpture and Kingston University Fine Art graduate Rebecca Wilson, and learnt about specialist materials, equipment and techniques such as extruding and press-casting before using them to create their own, unique artworks. Finally groups collaborated to design a group installation ready for one of two programme exhibitions which celebrated the achievements of all involved. These inventive exhibitions were titled These Hands Are For Making by children from King Athelstan Primary School, Shrewsbury House Preparatory School and the Stanley Picker Gallery Art Club, and Casting Ideas, curated by young people from the Anstee Bridge Programme and Southborough School. The Stanley Picker Gallery team were extremely impressed by the creativity, open-mindedness and team work displayed by all.

Above image: These Hands Are For Making, school's exhibition installation image

River Adventure

'River Adventure' Young people create floating artworks for IYAF 2011
River Adventure

The Hogsmill riverbank, immortalised in Millais’ famous painting of Ophelia, became the focus of two special visual art projects for IYAF 2011 – A View Through a Bridge and River Adventure.  The former saw pupils from St John’s Primary School drawing individual view points through the Blue Bridge, which when pieced together and exhibited became an full-size drawing of a view through the bridge. River Adventure involved a series of workshops in which young people from the Anstee Bridge Programme created floating artworks to be sent down the Hogsmill from the Gallery towards the Blue Bridge and onward. Documentation took place at every stage and, with the support of Kingston University Fine Art graduate, Steve Nice, was compiled into a film of their experiences, which was played at the Gallery throughout IYAF.

Above image: 'River Adventure' Young people create floating artworks to send down the Hogsmill River as part of IYAF 2011.